Cash Back

AFHCO is proud to announce the introduction of our On Time payment discount which replaces our six-monthly loyalty reward as a means to continuously give MORE BACK to our loyal tenants, and MORE OFTEN.

Effective 1 January 2021, tenants who pay their rent on time will be rewarded with a monthly early payment discount. For each month that you pay your rent on time, you will be rewarded with a 5% early payment discount in the following month. What’s more, for each consecutive 6 months that you pay your rent on time, we will increase your discount by a further 5%, meaning you get double the discount every 6 months, but ONLY if you pay your rent on time each month.

You do not need to do anything other than ensure your account is paid up to date by the 1st of each month; we will do the rest. Remember however to use your correct tenant reference number when making payment to avoid disappointment.

Discounts will be awarded in the month following payment and are calculated on rental charges only. No discounts will be offered on sundry charges such as utilities. The double discount will only be awarded if you pay your account in full and on time for 6 consecutive months. Any instances of late payment during a 6-month cycle will result in you needing to start the 6-month cycle anew.

What’s more, tenants that pay their rent on time will stand a chance to win an all-expenses paid 1- day boat cruise experience in August 2022 with a partner. There has, therefore, never been a better time to pay on time. Go on, be REWARDED.

For any further assistance or information please phone us on 086 11 23426, or WhatsApp 072 711 5410.