Central Improvement Districts (CID)

Afhco works closely with institutions such as CJP, Johannesburg City Council, Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), JPOMA, JICBC, various CID Committees, CID Forums, SAPS as well the major financial institutions.

Afhco is actively involved with uplifting all aspects of inner city living by improving cleanliness, safety and facilities in the area and is active in the creation of City Improvement Districts.

City Improvement Districts are geographic areas in which the majority of property owners determine and agree to fund supplementary and complementary services to those normally provided by the Local Authority in order to maintain and manage the public environment at a superior level and thus maintain or increase their investment.

These supplementary services might include private security officers, pavement and street cleaning, litter collection, maintenance of public space, removal of illegal posters, and place-making amongst others.

The aim of CID’s is to uplift the public open spaces and environment.

The Group is currently involved in several existing CIDs and with the establishment of new CIDs, including: Fashion District, End Park Precinct, Retail Improvement District, New Doornfontein, Motortown and Braamfontein Improvement Districts.

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Here are some examples of the kind of work CIDs does: